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Soccer and Volley Balls Bring Joy to Laikipia County Schools

Laikipia County, 02 February 2024: Today marked a day of excitement and camaraderie as deserving schools across Laikipia County received a generous gift of soccer and volley balls. The initiative, aimed at promoting physical activity and teamwork, brought smiles to the faces of students and educators alike. This act of generosity fosters a sense of community and highlights the importance of sports in youth development.

The soccer balls were gifted by Wilson through David Kirkpatrick. The following schools were given at least 4 soccer balls and a volley ball.

  • Thiru Primary School

  • Thiru Secondary School

  • Siron Primary School

  • Mung’etho Primary School

  • Mung’etho Secondary school

  • Oljabet Primary school

  • Oljabet Secondary school

  • King’uka Primary School

  • Kundarilla Primary School

  • Kundarilla Day Secondary School

  • Muthengera Primary School

  • Gatero Primary School

  • Gatero Secondary School

  • Gatero Day Secondary School

  • Kwanjiku Primary School

  • Maina Primary School

  • Thama Primary School

  • Losogwa Primary School

  • Igwamiti Primary School

  • Huhoini Primary School

  • Shamanei Primary School

  • Ewaso Narok Primary School

Here is a video of students enjoying the gift!

Event Picture Gallery

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