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TFalls Foundation INC. was started in 2019 by Charles Wangondu who saw the need to help the children who are exposed to very poor learning conditions due to poverty and marginalization. Having gone through a lot of hardship and similar situations in life, Charles understands the importance of changing the learning environment and giving back to the community.

TFalls Foundation is committed to improving the welfare of students in various deserving primary schools in Kenya, one class at a time. Our goal is to improve the school facilities i.e. classrooms, bathrooms and provide uniforms.


TFalls Foundation Inc. is a 501(c)(3) status charitable organization registered for the purpose of helping the less fortunate children and their surrounding community through support, education and imparting vocational skills.


To build a hopeful and prosperous future for generations of Kenyan children through the construction of high-quality educational centers. To foster community commitment and teamwork to maintain these facilities and nurture educational excellence opening wide the pathway to any future.



 The Mission of the TFalls Foundation is to repair and renovate primary schools and high schools that are in need in Kenya.  There are many schools that are in poor condition and, as a result, teachers can not properly educate, and students cannot effectively learn. The TFalls Foundation strives to methodically upgrade the building structures in schools of need – one school at a time.   The TFalls Foundation will work closely with the local community throughout the construction process with a goal of handing off a vastly improved school structure to the faculty, parents and students. 

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