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Quality school facilities (classrooms, staffrooms, bathrooms, etc.) are crucial in providing quality education. Millions of children in Kenya lack access to such facilities which has often affected their performance. Help us provide Kenyan students with improved school infrastructures. 


TFalls is building a hopeful and prosperous future for generations of Kenyan children through the construction of high-quality educational centers. We have also stepped in to provide uniforms and feeding program because parents in areas we serve lack means to provide their children with food and required uniforms.


We identify needy public institutions and improve them one at a time.


Most children cannot afford uniforms.  With help from The Uniform Project, we have been able to gift recycled clothing to needy children.

feeding program

The area we serve is experiencing famine due to drought. We have introduced a feeding program for our schools untill the situation changes.

GIVE TODAY TO change a life

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